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4 x Action Sheets

Available to buy at our shop for £37 but SAVE nearly 86% and get PLR licences for all 4 Action Sheets today for just $37 $5

Neill MacKenzieHello,

Neill here and congratulations for picking up the Four Free Action Sheets.  I can assure you they are going to be a great weapon in your List Building arsenal but let’s be honest, just imagine what more you could do with them if you had full Private Label Rights Access.  You could …..edit them, add your name and make them your own, add affiliate links and …… well you get the drift – you could do almost anything you wanted with them.

Well, let me tell you you can grab PLR ….. today.

You can pop along to our shop here and buy it for $37 …….. or you can pick up PLR for all four Action Sheets here for just $5 with an amazing 86% discount. 

You’ve already got the first four massive Action Sheets but now you have the opportunity to future-proof them by adding the Private Label Rights Licence below…..

Just Look How Easy It is …..


Download the editable files. We include the necessary .docx files for easy editing


Make them yours. Add your logo. Add your name and contact details. Add as many affilaite links as you wnat


Upload the edited files on your own server. Easy.


Send traffic or promote your products on JVZOO, Warrior Plus or any number of other outlets

Question: So What Can I Do With the PLR Licence?

Answer: Almost Anything.

Unlike some other PLR providers who have countless restrictions we have only two:

  • You can’t sell the Private Label Rights (PLR) – that’s our job!!
  • You can’t use my name. Use your own and make a name for yourself

But here are just some suggested uses for you:

  • [YES] Add your name and call them your own. Become an ‘expert’ in the niche.
  • [YES] Create a Video Product
  • [YES] Include as many of your own affiliate links to appropriate ClickBank, WSO, JVZoo products
  • [YES] Give Them Away as a Lead Magnet to Build Your List
  • [YES ]Use as a Bonuses
  • [YES] Share on Social Media
  • [YES] Split the content and use it on Social Media, on your blog or website, on a paid membership site, in fact anywhere that needs regular content
  • [YES] Make your own products even meatier by adding the content from these reports
  • [YES] Sell the give-away rights, the resell rights and the master resell rights and keep 100% of the profit
  • [YES] Edit them completely and create new ones in totally different niches.
  • [YES] [YES] [YES] You Have Almost Unlimited Rights to do what you want with this PLR
Payment today is just $5 when you will receive the editable files and PLR Licence for your 4 Action Sheets.
In 30 days you’ll receive two more Action Sheets with PLR and will be charged $5 then and the same amount every 30 days thereafter. 
You may cancel at any time.

Action Sheets Monthly

PLUS ….. Your Future Product Creation Problems Sorted When You Grab First Access to TWO NEW Action Sheets With PLR Every Month for Just $18.50  $5   

I’ve Done All The Work …… You Just Publish and Profit!

As a business owner, you know that creating digital products can be time-consuming and outsourcing can cost a fortune.  

You want to be focusing your energy on making money and not slumped in front of your computer where the thought of creating products on a regular basis completely overwhelms you.

Well, the phenomenal success of my Action Sheets in 2019 proved that internet marketers just like you want original, valuable products that you can do with as you please to build subscribers and earn money, without having to spend hours creating products yourself

That’s why I’m updating the 2009 Action Sheets for 2010 and releasing new ones on a monthly basis. 

You’ve already got the first four so you can see the value that these Action Sheets hold – now let’s see what’s to come…..

Action Sheets Monthly

Here’s What You Get Each Month

1. First Access to Two Action Sheets in a popular niche

Your first month’s products explore the hot topics of:

***** Traffic *****
***** Affiliate Marketing ***** 

Every Action Sheet contains:

    1. Action Sheet Section – takes the reader through a step-by-step process and helps them to understand the course of action needed to achieve success in the chosen niche.
    2. Resources Section – here the reader can discover more detailed information about the niche.  All resources have been researched from online sites updated or released within the past year, so you can be sure that it is up to date.

This isn’t some bog-standard, ineptly written, ancient fluff that has been dusted off to make a fast buck. No, each report is well researched, written and produced by an English-speaking author.  Every report is based on niches that have been proven to work in the past and which are expected to continue to do so in the future.  

You are providing your visitors with niche-specific actionable steps that they can use to improve their all-around performance whilst, at the same time, helping you to build your own list of satisfied subscribers.  And you are able to do this month after month after month……..

None of the Action Steps or Resources includes affiliate links however since you have PLR rights to the documents you are free to add your own resources which may, of course, include affiliate links.

The Action Sheets are produced in both docx and pdf formats

2. A detailed Mind Map in that same niche

Working as a visual and graphical interface, your mind-map helps you to structure detailed information about the niche.  

Created with the popular XMind tool (www.xmind.net), your mind-map allows you to easily add or delete any information you consider relevant and to update it as you see fit.  Add your logo and personalise it as much as you want.

Your mind-map is produced in the .xmind format as well as .jpg


3. Your PLR Licenses

As a member of the Action Sheets Niche PLR Club, you get Private Label Rights to the monthly Action Sheets and Mind-Map.  

This means you can resell Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights or just Personal Use rights.  You can decide exactly what rights you would like to pass on to your customers.

You Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights + Personal Use Rights and ‘rights’ certificates are therefore included.



Action Sheets are available to buy at our shop for $14.25 each but SAVE OVER 80% today and get TWO Action Sheets With PLR every month for just $28.50 $5 

Payment today is just $5 when you will receive the editable files and PLR Licence for your 4 Action Sheets.
In 30 days you’ll receive two more Action Sheets with PLR and will charged $5 then and the same amount every 30 days thereafter. 
You may cancel at any time.

money-backNeill MacKenzieIt may be only be a small price to pay but I am so confident that you will absolutely love this product that I am offering a full 60-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee” 

Neill MacKenzie
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