OK, I Understand – You Don’t Want The Commitment of a Monthly Membership…..

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Rebranding 36 Pages in 3 Easy Steps!

Rebranding Step #1

Visit our affiliate centre and pick up your personalised affiliate link.

Rebranding Step #2

Take your link and paste into our Rebrander Machine. Your rebranded PDF reports will be automatically downloaded to your computer

Rebranding Step #3

Distribute your Action Sheets as wildly as possible, so increasing the size of your email list and potentially earning over $30 for every sale you make.

And That’s It …..Done!

You know how valuable your Action and Resource Sheets are but imagine how profitable they could prove to be when you insert your own affiliate link directly into EVERY page of your PDFs.  That’s right, inserting a link into every page of your PDFs directly and without you having to do any editing.

Yes, all your PDF Action Sheets are rebrandable meaning that in just a couple of clicks, you can rebrand each one of them instantly with YOUR affiliate link.  No need to have the editable documents to make amendments in Word or whatever and then export them again as PDFs.  This rebranding service puts your affiliate link directly into your PDFs. 

The link is in the footer of your PDFs and points to a proven product called Repurposing PLR for Profit where the student can see over the shoulder videos showing how to make money using PLR.  Currently it sells for $27 but when you include your affiliate link you will receive 75% commission on every sale.  That’s a whopping $20.25 for doing absolutely nothing more than giving away your Action Sheets to your potential subscribers and getting a sale. 

So……..just one sale will cover the cost of having all four of your Action Sheets being rebranded on every page TODAY.

PLUS …. you’ll earn ANOTHER $13.50 if your cutomer  purchases the White Label upgrade.  That’s an amazing possible total of $33.75 per customer   

And don’t forget, the more your Action Sheets you share around, the more money you potentially could make

How’s it done?  Well, just watch the video above above and see how easy it is to insert your affiliate link into your PDF.  No punches pulled in the video, we show you the whole process from start to finish.  It only takes a few seconds and you won’t believe how simple the system is to operate.   Strictly no software to download and no knowledge of coding or HTML required. 

Now, It’s Your Turn – Get Started Now…

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