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Ending support for Symantec SSL TLS certificates

by Neill
I strongly believe in the good security for everything connected to IT, and my favourite way of protecting my WordPress sites is to use the WordFence plugin (free and paid versions available).  The guys that created the plugin also send out regular newsletters informing us of important security developments. Today they have stated that  the Google’s Chrome browser is in the process of ending support for Symantec SSL/TLS certificates. This applies to companies owned by Symantec too.  If you are running one of these certificates on your website, visitors using Chrome will start receiving a nasty error if you don’t take […]

Focusing on Productivity

by Neill
Is Your Lack of Productivity Holding You Back from Making It Online? If you’ve been trying to ‘make it‘ on-line for any period of time it is highly likely you already have the necessary tools and acquired the basic knowledge to a least get on that first rung of the ladder and earn a few dollars.  Now that may be a bold statement but let me take that boldness a stage further and ask you, “If you haven’t ‘made it‘ yet, what’s holding you back”? At the end of the day, it’s action that yields results – you have to […]

Welcome to the Neill MacKenzie Blog

by Neill
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