Neill MacKenzie

How Online Marketers Can Increase Their Productivity Using 6 Simple Techniques

by Neill
Lack of time is one of the biggest issues a lot of online marketer’s face. The dream sown by the gurus that you need only work an hour a day whilst your PayPal account overflows with cash is exactly that – a dream.  It just doesn’t happen like that in real life. But even so, most would-be entrepreneurs and internet marketers still spend many hours stuck to their PC or laptop screens trying to make money. Over time, they get overwhelmed and burned out. This idea of ‘easy profits’ seems to be an illusion that will never materialize. The hard […]
Flipping The Switch

Flipping The Switch – With Audio

by Neill
Some of you may well know Tony Shepherd as one of those quiet masters of internet marketing with an excellent history of making money online. One of his courses, Flipping the Switch, details exactly how he achieves this success. He describes it as using a Complete, Holistic System For Building A Simple, Ethical Online Income Business Based Around Your Strengths And What You Like Doing. Unfortunately, it is not possible to purchase this course from Tony at the moment. However, I have a copy and with Tony’s permission, I am able to provide you with one too. And what makes […]
6 action sheets for list building

6 Action Sheets for 2019

by Neill
After some time in the planning, I eventually managed to release four of my Action Sheets back in February. These were entitled: Niche Selection The SqueezePage Product Creation Email Marketing These were the four conventional steps required to create a list of email subscribers and were in pdf format.  Customers who purchased had personal use rights so could use the Action Sheets any way they wanted but weren’t allowed to edit them.  They could however, sell them as lead magnets so that they could build their own email list.  This was a win/win situation. But realising that some customers wanted […]