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Let me ask you, “How many PLR products do you have clogging up your hard drive right now”:

  • A megabyte?
  • A gigabyte?
  • A terabyte?

It’s said that 95% of people who buy PLR never do anything with it and if you fall into that bracket, or anywhere near it, I want to help you today.

I want you to discover how I turned a PLR document into more than $450 in less than a week using only free tools, and I’ll show you how you could do the same even if you’ve never created a product before.

That’s quite a bold claim and if you’re sceptical right now that’s a good thing.  Quite frankly I’d expect you to be. So let me run through some good reasons why you should believe what I say is true and how you can get access to the video training.

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover

  • See full details of my success story, multiplying my PLR investment by 5 times in less than a week and showing takings of $450 
  • Understand the FIVE specific reasons I used quality PLR rather than create my own product
  • Discover 3 main reasons why repurposing PLR is profitable 
  • Watch over my shoulder as I repurpose PLR into more than 7 valuable products including video, using free and paid tools
  • Discover how to repurpose PLR yourself with free tools
  • All up-to-date training carried out by Neill in Aug 2019 

The training is video-based so you can revisit it whenever you want.  And since it’s all located on a simple mindmap you have the whole process in one easy to navigate format.  

Finally, you’ll discover how to claim White Label Rights to this training and use all the repurposed products created in the training as your own 


IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: In this document, I have mentioned my achievements using dollar amounts.  I have documentation that will prove those achievements and which, as an integral part of the training, will be expanded upon during that training.     But in order to comply with the world law (FTC, Trading Standards, etc) I have to put this rather obvious notice to protect a minority. Some people will make more than I have made and some will make less. Some won’t do jack with this information and therefore will make nothing. I can’t guarantee you’ll succeed with the method I’m showing because I can’t make you do the work that’s required – I’m not your mum – but I can promise you that by the end of the training you WILL have something concrete to act on ….. if you choose to do so!

Click Here For The FREE Tutorial


Note:  The mindmap is an integral part of the training and was created using the free version of XMind.  If you do not have MindMap, you can download your own copy for Windows/Mac here  

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