“The Traps You MUST Avoid if You Want to be a Product Creator”

So you want to be a product creator.


But do you know how many other people out there want to be product creators too.



Maybe millions?

And how many of them make the grade?

Not many.


Well there are lots of reasons – although I would suggest that they are actually excuses not reasons – but I digress!

No, the reasons for failure at product creation usually involves the wannabees falling into traps whilst the true entrepreneur recognizes them and avoids them at all costs.

Let’s look at my top three greatest product creator traps so that you too will be able to keep clear of them.

Trap #1: Asking Permission

I used to fall into this trap on a regular basis. But I’m not alone. I’ve witnessed many, many members of forums, Skype groups, membership sites and the like who have fallen foul here.

Waiting for or seeking permission to do something in life is almost part of our DNA – well that is for those of us who were brought up to respect society and its laws. Doing otherwise would likely be unsociable and get us into trouble.

Unfortunately, that mentality persists when we venture to our online endeavors and it will undoubtedly result in your failure as an entrepreneur.

So how do you conquer it?

The simple solution is that you must change your mindset. Once you’ve decided what it is that you want to do you simply MUST tell yourself that you are going to do it WITHOUT anybody else’s permission and then stride out and do it.

Don’t wait for any guru to give you permission – just do it.

Give yourself permission.

Tell yourself repeatedly that you are giving yourself permission.

Stick a post-it note on the computer or chant it daily, just do whatever it takes.

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