Focusing on Productivity

by Neill

Is Your Lack of Productivity Holding You Back from Making It Online?

Focusing on ProductivityIf you’ve been trying to ‘make it‘ on-line for any period of time it is highly likely you already have the necessary tools and acquired the basic knowledge to a least get on that first rung of the ladder and earn a few dollars.  Now that may be a bold statement but let me take that boldness a stage further and ask you, “If you haven’t ‘made it‘ yet, what’s holding you back”? At the end of the day, it’s action that yields results – you have to be productive.  But it is an unfortunate fact that most people in our industry tend to focus on studying. Now it really is easy to study.  It’s easy to delve into material in print or online and tell yourself you’re taking some sort of action and being productive.  Now don’t get me wrong, studying is important but doing too much of it is simply a waste of time.  Generally speaking, the amount of time people spend gathering information and studying is far, far higher than the amount of time they spend taking action. Declan O'Flaherty and Strategic Profits Bluprint

Forward to Productivity

Now if any of this is ringing any bells with you then I’d like to recommended you pick up a copy of Strategic Profits Blueprint” by Declan O’ Flaherty.   Declan states that once you wade through the fluff, hype and downright BS that exists in our industry their are basically just six steps you need to follow in order to have any success online.  These steps have been used successfully in the past and their are countless examples of them being used successfully by today’s marketers.  They have proved to be easy enough for new entrants to internet marketing to understand and master whilst still being popular with seasoned professionals. To find out more about these six action steps and how they can help you in your online ventures just watch this very short video and, having done so come back and see part two at

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