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Hi folks, 

I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ways of doing things and this is something I was taught in 2019 but which has been updated for 2020. 

I was always under the impression that Pinterest was a social media platform and was frequented mainly by women!  Well, I was partly right – 71% of users are women but men are catching up.  But the fascinating thing about Pinterest is that although it classes itself as a social media site it is unique in that it is searchable.  This means it acts and behaves more like a search engine – think Google and Bing.  Consequently, it is possible to submit ‘pins’ about your product(s) and optimize them depending on what the visitor is searching for.  

What’s more important is that visitors to Pinterest are known to have “buying intentions”.  In other words, they’re not just there to surf, their credit card is in their hand!

Now I hadn’t the time to sign up for extensive and expensive courses about Pinterest Search Engine Optimisation, I wanted some fast results.  This was October 2019 and I wanted my Santa Letter ready for visitors to download for Christmas.  So I reached out to somebody I’ve known for a few years and he showed how to do it quickly and effectively.

Santa Letter Engagements in Pinterest in 2019 Earning 400 subscribers in December

Pinterest 2019 Santa Letter
But that was 2019 – It’s now 2020 and this is the state of play at the moment…..

Santa Letter Subscribers as at 21 October 2020 –  Two Months Until Christmas and 27 Hits Already from FREE Traffic
Santa Letter Subscribers
I’ll try to remember to update this chart as we near Christmas itself

What follows are the YouTube videos and links from Ike Paz.  A US citizen living and working in Japan.  Watching and taking action on his tutorials worked for me in 2019 and since I can see the videos have been updated for 2020, I have no reason to believe they won’t work for you now.  The system may look too simplistic but I recommend you do try out what is being suggested by Ike and see for yourself.

Nothing is for sale here and I have no affiliate links included in this page or in the videos.  There must be hundreds of people out there recommending their way of working with Pinterest.  I am recommending Ike only because, as I say, I have used his methods and they work for me.  If, however, you do sign up with Ike, do tell him I sent you…….;-)

WARNING.  If you do see a product Ike is selling called ‘Printly‘ I strongly suggest you do not buy it …..yet!  I have a copy but it is now 3 years out of date.  Having spoken to Ike I understand an updated version is in the pipeline and I’ll try to let you know when that will be available.

Good luck with your Pinterest optimisation.


Ike’s “How To Get Free Traffic From Pinterest With Video Pins (2020 Method!)”

Rather than list a whole more of Ike’s videos here I suggest you now go across to his YouTube area and look for his playlists at:


And then click on “View Full PlayList”

From there I would suggest you scroll down to video 40 and select the ones after that which all seem to have been updated for 2020