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List Building For Action Takers

Presented as an interactive Mind Map it gives you a bird’s eye view the list building process from start to finish.

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Creating Your Own MASSIVE List of Loyal Subscribers Has Never Been THIS Simple

Hello List Builders,

My name is Neill MacKenzie product creator, tutor and internet marketer since 1999 and I can tell you from experience that very few people who attempt to make it online actually succeed.


It’s because too many people QUIT…

and let me tell you, nothing causes people in this game to quit faster than trying out new systems and then having those systems ALL FAIL them.

The List Building Matrix for Action Takers is based on a model that has been used successfully for years online. It strips the list building process back to basics and presents a step-by-step plan of action which is outlined below. Presented in an interactive format it allows you to view the list building process from start to finish. I want you to forget about any failures you’ve had in the past and commit to the List Building Matrix.

It can be implemented by anyone, including you …………… today

Just Look What’s Inside

The Niche

Most list-builders have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to choose a profitable niche.

With the Matrix you’ll learn how to decipher what is truly a niche, AND how to choose the right one….


Contrary to what you may have been told, you do not need to purchase expensive software before you start to build your list.

The Matrix will show you the key to the basic tools you will need to build a profitable list

Squeeze Page

What is a ‘Squeeze Page” and how do you create the perfect one.

The Matrix will not only show you the steps to compile the perfect squeeze page you can also download a free one to use 

Product Creation

Your visitors want solutions to their problem and you need to provide those solutions.

The Matrix will show you how to ensure your products, including free products, do exactly that.

Emailing Your List

Building relationships is vitally important and you shouldn’t immediately pitch to your new subscribers.

With the Matrix you will discover how to generate a good email sequence for your subscribers

Each of the 5 strategies has its own four main steps allowing you to simplify the whole List Building process


Outlines exactly what you will achieve by following the other three steps in the column


It’s vital you understand the requirements for each column and the information step will take you through the elements required to build your list.


They say “The money is in the list” but that is only true if you take action. This is the most important action step for all columns


Once you’ve discovered the simple methods you can now take things further with links to outside resources.

So, now you’re probably asking why I should be giving all this away for FREE……

OK, I’ll come clean.  I’ve got three reasons for giving it to you:

  1. I believe in the power of reciprocity, I’ve been in this business for years and I genuinely want to give you something of value.
  2. You will identify the value of the List Building Matrix for Action Takers and the next time we release a product you will be able to equate that with value too and may just be prepared to pay more for it.
  3. Once downloaded I am going to make you a special one time offer (OTO). Come on, I’m a marketer and I’d be daft not to do so.  Anyway, you certainly don’t NEED the OTO to make use of the free download but know you will be pleasantly surprised when you see what it is.

The List Building Matrix for Action Takers is complete and you get instant access to it the moment you check out.

Download your FREE List Building Matrix for Action Takers …… Today

Important Information – Download XMind

To run the List Building Matrix for Action Takers, you will need to have XMind installed on your computer. XMind is available free of charge for both Windows and Mac users.  Click here to download XMind
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