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List Building Matrix - PLR Upgrade
Hi, it’s Neill here again and thanks for grabbing the List Building Matrix Image I'm sure you'll find it very useful.  But for a VERY limited time, you now have the opportunity to purchase the Private Label Rights (PLR).

Today you will be able to download the actual mindmap used to create the free image.  You will have access to the system which will allow you to edit it any way you want.  You will also receive your PLR certificate which means you can edit, rebrand, sell, give-away or do anything else to the mindmap that is legal!   I only have two restrictions with my PLR and they are:

1.   You cannot sell or giveaway the PLR (that’s our job!!). 
2.   Do not use our name. Use your own name and develop your own brand!

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Note:  To run the List Building Matrix for Action Takers, you will need to have XMind installed on your computer. XMind is available free of charge for both Windows and Mac users.  Click here to download XMindDownload XMind

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