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WITHOUT an Opt-in Box
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Hi folks,

Neill MacKenzie here and Christmas is coming and my list is getting long…..

… and if you want your share of festive income, read on.

OK, I may not be a poet, but I do know that the main problem with building an email list using a conventional landing page and a free lead magnet is that as soon as the dreaded opt-in box appears, your savvy visitor, who doesn’t want to give his email address upfront, heads for the hills never to be seen again.

So how about a business system which:

  • Doesn’t require you to purchase any software
  • Gives away a very high-value personalized Lead Magnet to your visitors…
  • Which will not require the use of an opt-in box to collect email address….
  • But will still have your visitors clambering to provide you with their name, email address and much more….

“Impossible”, I hear you say


FREE High Value Personalized Lead Magnet.
PLUS FREE List Building Tools
MINUS An Opt in Box
EQUALS Hundreds of Subscriber
Just Watch This Short Video

First…..The PERSONALIZED Lead Magnet

The Personalized Santa Letter
Just look at the level of personalisation it contains:

  • Child’s First Name
  • Child’s Surname
  • Child’s Age
  • Identifies if Boy or Girl
  • The Present the child will get from Santa
  • The Town the child will be sleeping at on Christmas Eve
  • A Personal Message from Santa mentioning an achievement that has occurred during the year

Easy and quick to create at no cost with the included template

But it doesn’t HAVE to be a Santa Letter you could easily substitute it with your own personalized lead magnets to build your list. The formula will still work…..

Santa Letter 2020

Using this exact same product I created over 400 subscribers in just a few days at Christmas 2019Pinterest 2019 Santa Letter

Next … See How Easy It Is For You And Your Customers!

Create A Lead Magnet

Incorporate your own Personalized Freebie or modify the Santa Letter one that we include. Then follow the step-by-step videos to add personalization options.

Customer Visits Your Landing Page

Customer clicks on the button on your landing page and is taken directly to the Freebie.

Customer Personalises The Freebie

The customer completes the form which then automatically sends them an email with their personalised free gift attached.

Customer Prints The Free Gift At Home

As a PDF document, the free gift can be downloaded and printed by the customer in seconds.
That’s Cool ….. But Look What Else The
No Opt-In List Building Formula Can Do…..
  • Set up once and forget. The Lead Magnet created from the customers input is sent to them automatically.

  • Visitor’s email address and name captured WITHOUT an opt-in box meaning you are likely to get a genuine one that is monitored and you can email to in the future

  • Similar software to create personalized printables invariably require a monthly fee plus a fee for every one that is produced. The No Opt-In List Building Formula is FREE to create and has zero running costs.

  • Step by step instructions in a Mindmap and video tutorials show you how to create the No Opt-In List Building Formula.

  • The No Opt-In List Building Formula uses freely available resources. No further software, apps or other tutorials to purchase.

  • The Christmas market is enormous as is the opportunity for promoting affiliate products to your customers

  • No coding is required and no previous knowledge needed to create it. The ability to follow instructions and to copy and paste are the only IT skills that are required.

  • Works without a website but loves WordPress too.

  • This is a Brand New method of building a list. We believe we are the first to market with this specific system and therefore the competition is zero.

  • We proved that the market exists using this exact same system to generate hundreds of leads with our personalised Santa Letter during Christmas 2019. The same system could easily be used to create a whole host of printables throughout the year.

Paul Carr – Marketer and Online Publisher says…..

“This is what’s missing in the IM space… a course that doesn’t make wild stupid “push button riches” claims and gives full details of a viable proven and ethical way of online marketing.”


“I set up Neill’s Letter from Santa system this week and I’ve attracted 7 new email subscribers since yesterday from one single FB post.
It’s a great list building system for anyone self-publishing any type of coloring/puzzle/activity books.”

What You Will Find On The Inside:

Mind Map

Gives you a clear all-in-one birds-eye view of the Step-By-Step process that the Formula uses to create your personalised Lead Magnet AND collect the customers email address

Video Series

Using the Mind Map as a reference, a series of concise videos shows over-the-shoulder how to create the Santa Letter Lead Magnet

Santa Letter

We’ve included the text file to the Santa Letter that has worked for us for decades. Use it as it is or edit it for you r own needs.

The No Opt-In List Building Formula gives your customers MASSIVE VALUE with a FREE PERSONALIZED printable whilst you build your email list QUICKLY with QUALITY addresses and WITHOUT an Opt-in Form.

Act Now And Grab The Easy To Create
No Opt-In List Building Formula
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money-backNeill MacKenzieIt may only be a small investment but I am so confident that you will absolutely love this product that I am offering a full 30-Day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee

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