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Hello Fellow List Builders,

My name is Neill MacKenzie product creator, tutor and internet marketer since 1999 and I can tell you from experience that very few people who attempt to make it online actually succeed.


It’s because too many people QUIT… and let me tell you, nothing causes people in this game to quit faster than trying out new systems and then having those systems ALL FAIL them.

The List Building Action Sheets are based on a model that has been used successfully for years online. It strips the list building process back to basics and presents a step-by-step plan of action I want you to forget about any failures you’ve had in the past and commit to these Action Sheets.

List Building can now be implemented by anyone, including you …………… today


Most list-builders have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how to choose a profitable niche.
In this Action Sheet you’ll learn what a niche is AND how to choose a profitable one….


What is a ‘Squeeze Page” and how do you create the perfect one.
This Cheat Sheet Report will not only show you the steps to compile the perfect squeeze page you can also download a free one to use

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Inside Each of the PDF Action Sheets You Will Discover………

Action Steps

Taking Action is the most important element of your business. Follow the tried and tested step-by-step sequence and discover how easy it is to reach your goal

Main Resources

All the most relevant and most importantly, 2018 updated links to all element of your list building business at your finger tips

Video Resources

Youtube is full of List Building videos, but only a small number them are good enough to be included in my list! I have personally selected some of the best videos to assist you with your list building venture

How Can You Benefit Using Your Action Sheets?

  • [YES] Edit them and add your name
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  • [YES] Share on Social Media
  • [YES] Use them yourself to learn more about List Building
  • [NO] Cannot sell and sort of Rights
  • [NO] Don’t use my name – use your own and make a brand

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