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As you may already know, I don’t recommend just any ol’ products.  I only recommend those I have purchased and consider to be good or I know the product creator and they have a good reputation.  In this case, I can confirm both.  I’ve purchased from Ben previously and I know he is a top affiliate and as you can see from the receipt below I have purchased this product too.

So, Let’s get on with it.

Ben’s product is exactly what he says in the headline above all packaged in a 129-page PDF + videos and loaded into a members area (shown below).  For a measly $15 I consider the content to be absolutely exemplary.  
Super Affiliate You Members Area
As Ben says, you’ll discover the following inside his PDF and I can’t disagree with him

  1. The 3 crucial non-negotiable “must haves” when picking an affiliate niche
  2. 7 sites to find ultra-profitable affiliate products to promote that people will gladly PAY for.
  3. The 3 ruthless questions to ask to determine if a product is going to sell well and put more cash than you can spend in your pocket.
  4. A simple 1-minute task you MUST do before you promote any affiliate product – this will save you a lot of time, cash and frustration.
  5. 21 different types of bonuses that boosts your affiliate sales almost instantly.
  6. 10 killer templates that create sizzling, attention-getting titles for your bonuses and lead magnets!
  7. A mini-checklist of steps to set up an effective, profitable affiliate website
  8. 4 simple but wildly effective ways to create highly desirable lead magnets
  9. 11 types of presell content and 10 surefire ways to get your affiliate offers in front of eyeballs
  10. A little-known Outline for two different pieces of content to presell any affiliate offer
  11. 3 templates for high-converting calls to action that prospects can’t ignore.
  12. Why you should never send traffic directly to certain (popular) types of pages – and where you should direct traffic to instead for maximum profits.
  13. 12 PROVEN ways to drive highly targeted traffic to your offers!
  14. 6 factors every successful viral campaign has – this sweeps your content across ANY niche like wildfire – this is FREE TRAFFIC!
  15. 6 critical components for leveraging Social media platforms to drive massive traffic and commissions.
  16. The #1 ‘secret’ strategy to generate BIG commissions

Whether you haven’t yet tried affiliate marketing or if you’re struggling with it, I’d strongly recommend Ben’s product as a solution.

All the best


Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that are at no additional cost to you, I may earn a
small commission.

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