Just a quick glimpse into my future regarding the rebranding/personalization of documents.

Take this 5-page PLR document for instance.  Let’s personalize all the areas circled very, very quickly with your data.

Repurposed PLR
Repurposing FormAll of the personalization takes place extremely quickly by simply completing a “fill-in-the-blanks” form as shown.  All easy enough.

Each page of the footer and a banner on the last page include an affiliate link – your affiliate link.  For the affiliate link to work properly you first have to log in to ClickBank and Promote the product “Midas Manifestation”.  You then enter ONLY your ClickBank ID in the form – NOT the full URL.

The output is a PDF document ready to use as say:

1. A Lead Magnet to Build Your List
2. A regular Newsletter to Nurture Your List and to get them to know, like and trust you
3. A method of Monetizing Your List by including affiliate link(s)

OK, this is just a test and I think there is a little way to go with the design and the amount of personalization that can be added but I’d love your feedback on the product so far.  

To grab your copy of your personalized document just click the button below.