OR….. “The Traps You MUST Avoid if You Want to be a Product Creator” So you want to be a product creator. Great! But do you know how many other people out there want to be product creators too. Hundreds? Thousands? Maybe millions? And how many of them make the grade? Not many. Why? Well there are lots of reasons – although I would suggest that they are actually excuses not reasons – but I digress! No, the reasons for failure at product creation usually involves the wannabees falling into traps whilst the true entrepreneur recognizes them and avoids them at all costs. Let’s look at my top three greatest product creator traps so that you too will be able to keep clear of them.

Trap #1: Asking Permission

I used to fall into this trap on a regular basis. But I’m not alone. I’ve witnessed many, many members of forums, Skype groups, membership sites and the like who have fallen foul here. Waiting for or seeking permission to do something in life is almost part of our DNA – well that is for those of us who were brought up to respect society and its laws. Doing otherwise would likely be unsociable and get us into trouble. Unfortunately, that mentality persists when we venture to our online endeavors and it will undoubtedly result in your failure as an entrepreneur. So how do you conquer it? The simple solution is that you must change your mindset. Once you’ve decided what it is that you want to do you simply MUST tell yourself that you are going to do it WITHOUT anybody else’s permission and then stride out and do it. Don’t wait for any guru to give you permission – just do it. Give yourself permission. Tell yourself repeatedly that you are giving yourself permission. Stick a post-it note on the computer or chant it daily, just do whatever it takes.

Trap #2: The Same Type of Product Already Exists

OK, confession time. This has – and sometimes still is – a big trap for me. And even though I know the trap is there I can still waste hours and hours trying to think of an ‘original’ product. But why? Let’s say you want to launch a weight loss product. Well there are probably millions of products on the market about how to lose weight. But still, new products are released regularly and they sell – if they didn’t sell they wouldn’t be released. Just take a look at your local library or book store and see the number of publications on the same subject and yet new books come along time and time again. The internet is no different and new products in various niches are launched online every day. Online activity is now massive and it is highly unlikely that your product will be shown on EVERY possible listing worldwide. What’s more, although your customers are interested in the topic they are purchasing, they are also interested in you as an author. Going back to our weight loss example, let’s say you have recently managed put yourself on a diet and you’ve managed to lose ‘x’ pounds in ‘y’ weeks. Great stuff. Well others are out there may be struggling with the same or at least similar objectives, and if you can put together a package that will show them how to achieve that objective then they will want to relate to you as well as your advice. So the lesson here is that it matters not one iota that other products have been created in the niche you are considering. Don’t let that stop you from creating your product.

Trap #3: The Never Ending Product

So many people never make it past the idea stage of product creation because they allow themselves to be caught in this trap. Let me tell you that in order to be a product creator in any field, but in particular the digital or information product field, you do not need to create an eBook the size of “War and Peace” and you don’t have to be an international author or expert with a following of millions. Take a look at some of the big names in your niche at the moment and ask yourself, “How did they start off?”. Almost certainly, the answer will be the same as you if you are starting now! They may be pushing big products now but they didn’t start that way. They started small and grew. But just like learning to ride a bike or learning to swim, creating your own product for the first time may seem daunting, even overwhelming. You’ve done your research and you’ve learned that you need to be a good writer to create eBooks and PDFs; you need software to create the PDFs as well as screen shows and then more software to create audio and video products; then you need to set up a sales letter and the One Time Offers (OTOs) and then enter all the information into an autoresponder. And once you’ve done that you need to populate a help-desk and look for affiliates and …… well, it appears that the required tasks are never ending. Talk about overwhelming. And the result? Well, as the old saying goes, “So much time is spent draining the swamp you forgot that the original objective was to catch the crocodiles”. In other-words, the build up to product creation becomes so overwhelming, that your product never gets finished. But why should that be?  You obviously know what needs to be done. Well I believe it is a combination of weak motivation and, as discussed earlier, a weak mindset Let’s look at motivation first. If you are running your own business and it is your only source of income, the likelihood is that you are extremely motivated to get out of bed in the morning and work. And to be successful you have to create, design, adapt and adopt so that the business doesn’t become stale. There is no magic button here. If you enjoy what you’re doing – and it is presumed that you do – then motivation isn’t a problem. If you are an employee for a company, you are motivated to turn in on time and do an honest day’s work – if only to receive your pay check at the end of the month. The problem exists if you are that ‘wantrapreneur’ who is stuck between working as an employee and wanting to be successful on your own. Motivating yourself to get stuck into the aforementioned list of tasks AFTER you’ve returned home from work is almost impossible with so many other people that may have a claim upon your precious time. Eventually, you sit down to your product creation project but as soon as you hit a problem then that overwhelming feeling begins to come over you and that initial motivation quickly lags. So, ideally you need to be able to commit yourself totally to product creation but hey, I’m not suggesting you give up your day job today. No, I’m just suggesting that you simply must look at your product creation business exactly like that – a business. You need to take a step up and instead of dabbling at the edges, take a firm grip of the business and treat it seriously. But how can you do this? Well obviously I don’t know your personal circumstances but let me ask you some questions:
  • Are you able to offer specific commitments that you and possibly others can and will devote to product creation?
  • If so, what are those commitments?
  • What kind of vision of yourself do you have for your future if you genuinely commit to being a product creator?
When formulating your answers don’t use words like “hope” and “try”. Don’t say to yourself, “I’ll try and get the eBook written by the end of the month” or, “I hope to create my new product in two months from now”. These phrases may sound positive but believe me they are not. Just by using the word “hope” tells me that you are unlikely to have much – if any – belief in yourself. What you hope for may happen but to be honest, I doubt it ever will. Now this may not be what you want to hear but as harsh as it may sound I can vouch for its authenticity. So what can be done about it? Well, as I said earlier it is all about mindset and the answer is to simply alter one’s mindset to work on positive statements. You were easily able to talk about the difficulties of your situation and the “hopes” of creating a product. Well now you need to step up into a positive mindset. Be aggressive, be focused. Consider the answers to your earlier questions and then tell yourself:
  • “I WILL get this task done”
  • “I WILL ensure that this task is completed quickly”.
  • “This task WILL comprise the best I am capable of doing”
To help you I have prepared an Action Sheet which you can download here and as you will see, the extra effort involved to be a successful product creator is negligible. Just remind yourself why you a creating the product; remind yourself of your vision of the future and most of all remind yourself that you do not need permission from anybody to turn your dreams to reality.